måndag 14 mars 2016

Russian visa invitation

Jag brukar med jämna mellanrum få mail från en som heter Craig Schaefer och jag har väl kommit in på en gruppmailinglista på ngt sätt. I dag fick jag detta mail som börjar "Dear Ellen Schaefer". Ska jag svara "Dear Visa Department, thank you for your kind e-mail but my name is not Ellen Schaefer"?


Russian visa invitation status update

Dear Ellen Schaefer,
Our records show that it is time to start filling out your visa invitation on our website. Please, log in to your Client Area.
What next?
Fill out your online application

You do not have to fill out all required sections at once. You can save your form and return to it later. It is only submitted to our specialists for review after you complete all obligatory fields and press SUBMIT.
PLEASE NOTE: Russian visa invitation is not a Russian visa. It is a supporting document required to apply for Russian visa.
Feel free to contact us shall you have any questions.
Visa Department

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